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Digital Marketing - How, What, Where

Reach your desired marketing objectives through GrowLocal digital marketing services.


Professional Website Design Done Right.

Your website will be designed using Best Practice Strategies combined with Global Trust Factor Practices.

Quality SEO implementation, therefor your images load fast, content will display correctly across all devices. Resulting in a efficient user friendly website.

Ultimately leading to an increase in lead generation.

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How many visitors is my website getting?
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Invest in your Digital Marketing

Don’t just spend more, know where your money is going. Your digital spend should be covered by the leads you received.

Why do I need monthly reports?

Monthly reporting provides you with much-needed information on your website performance and social media platforms.

Your monthly reports won’t just be statistics and graphs, we provide valuable insight into your Digital Footprint performance.

Your report will include, guidance on improvements, or changes and updates on all your digital platforms.

Keeping a close eye on your statistics helps you understand your audience and their interactions.

Tracking is done within POPPI regulations.


Website Health Check
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Digital Marketing Agency you can Trust

It can be difficult to find the right Digital Marketing Agency that will help build your small business’s online presence.

An agency that will work within your budget and keep Growing with you.

Big services providers can cost thousands to build and run your online presence – to most small business owners this is not an option.

GrowLocal’s focus is on Startups and Small Businesses we work with you to build your website and create your social pages.

We help our clients by working within their budget – giving them the solutions they need without losing quality.

Let’s Grow Your Business Online, Together.

We are driven by our Values

Your Business is OUR Business.

To be a “local” is not just a word to us. Entrepreneurship is what builds a successful community – increases jobs and helps the community grow bigger and stronger.

We share our years of experience and knowledge with you, we help build your digital presence step by step. By building your website, creating social media pages, and monitoring your Digital Footprint. Combining these tools and putting some of our GrowLocal spice we increase your lead generation.

GrowLocal is the Digital Marketing Agency that will stand by you and help you Grow.

Let’s work together on your next digital project

Contact us today – we can help you create your new business or assist with your current online presence. We work within your budget and needs. Let’s Grow Together!

Helping Small Businesses Grow their Digital Footprint.

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