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Digital Launch Starter​ Package Includes

Chat with us about our Digital Launch Starter​ package for a great deal to get your Business Online with 1 simplistic package that covers it all.

Digital Launch Starter​

This is a once off setup package to get you
started on your Online Journey
R 2 500 once off
  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Instagram Professional Page Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 4 X Post
  • Posting on 2 Platforms
  • Custom Copy writing
  • Stock Images
  • Overview Report
  • Brainstorm*
Best value

Managing your online presence can be a demanding task, but with our Digital Launch Starter​ package, we've got you covered.

Here’s what we do for you:

Content Posting:
We take care of your content posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other selected platforms*, saving you time and effort.

Performance Tracking:
We monitor your posts’ impressions, engagement, and comments, providing you with valuable insights into what’s working best.

Overview Reporting:
You’ll receive a detailed report showcasing how many people have viewed and engaged with your content, helping you gauge your online impact.

Website Insights:
Our package also includes guidance on website performance, user-friendliness, and Page Speed Insights, ensuring your online presence is at its best.

With our Digital Launch Starter​ package, you will gain insights into your digital footprint. Let us do what we do best, while you do what you do best.

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Detailed Feature List

Social Media Management

We respond to comments, manage campaigns and create content for your social media posts. Comments, requests, or complaints will be sent to you if immediate action is required.

We will assist in creating a Social Media Post calendar and help plan each posts month to month. GrowLocal acts you across your social media channels, making sure you stay current and active on your social media platforms.

Press Release

Press Releases are high-quality content and should be shared on your social media platforms. Each PR Release speaks to a different audience. Not all releases are created to be spread across all platforms. We will assist with research to identify your key audiences and platform for each PR Release.

PR Releases should be high-quality content. Engaging Titles and images that speak to your audience.

Website Maintenance

Website health is a top digital priority. Website speed, user experience, and website content must be checked and updated regularly. With a website health check, you make sure your security and plug-ins are up to date. Content must be updated and edited if needed. It is a good sign to Search engines when a website is regularly updated with new content and improvements.

Website Maintenance is part of your SEO Strategy. It can improve your organic listing, resulting in increased traffic and leads. 

Events Marketing on Social

Events marketing is Creating and posting your events on social media platforms. Your clients can view and accept the invite, and see who else will be joining. Advertising Events Online can gain more exposure than sending out an invite via email.

Allowing your guests to see the guest list may also encourage them to join. Social Media platforms are used as a tool to gain more impressions (eyes on your event) and reach a wider audience.

Events Marketing Posts combine keywords, content, and images that speak to your audience, increasing coverage.

Social Media Brand Management

Online Brand Management improves your brand loyalty by responding to complaints,  answering questions, and/or replying to comments in a timely manner. Clients will recommend your business to their friends and colleagues because they feel heard and can see that you care about your clients. We will forward all comments posted or messages for your attention and reply to comments with approved messages.

Answer questions on your Social Media Platform and engage with your clients.

Website Leads Reporting​

No matter the industry, you need to understand your sales funnel. Where did those leads come from?

Most importantly, you need to know if your website is generating leads – it should be working 24/7 nonstop to Grow your business. Understanding what questions are asked when users complete your contact form, and from what page they requested assistance, can assist you with improvements or changes for your website.

Website Leads report available for Gravity Forms on WordPress websites only.

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics helps you gain more insight into your users and website usage. Analytics will track the number of users that landed on your website, pages they have viewed, and time spent on your website. Using the Analytics Report you can use these insights in your marketing strategy.

And ultimately improve business performance.

Social Media Reporting​

Social Media report helps you understand which platforms are working for your business. Growth on each platform and engagement rates on your posts. Based on the data in the report you can change or alter your messaging or the platform. It will guide the messages and images used in your posts.

Social Media Report is used to improve your Social Media engagements on your page and posts.
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