Website Maintenance

Is Website Maintenance Important?

ERROR: Don’t fall behind or your website may fall apart...

The simple answer, Yes.

Website maintenance keeps your website running smoothly and efficiently.  If you do not maintain the health and stability of your website, your website could crash or become vulnerable to hackers.

Website Maintenance should be performed every month to ensure your website is running at its optimal performance. Google Analytics report will provide information about your website traffic, the days your website is most active, as well as the Bounce Rate. Having clearly defined goals for your website allows you to measure those goals and implement changes when needed.

Search Engines love active websites.


R 2 500
  • 1 x 30 min Catch a month
  • Website Health Check
  • Plugin updates
  • Top Level Google Analytics Report


R 3 450
  • 2 x 30 min Catch up
  • Website Health Check
  • Plugin updates
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Website Insights


R 5 500
  • Weekly Catch-ups
  • Website Health Checks
  • Plugin updates
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Website Insights
  • Website Leads Reporting
  • Bi-Monthly Keyword Report
Best value

Website Maintenance AdHoc

Ensure your website stays fresh and up-to-date with continuous maintenance

Need Professional Advice?

Book a consultation with one of our professional website designers. We will run through your website, note your goals and create a bespoke website maintenance plan that suits your business requirements

Website Health Check

A website health check is performing an investigative check on your website. We take a look at the functionality and design of your website to gain insights into your website performance. The website Health check is the first step into raising any red flags on your website.

Update Plug-ins

Updates to WordPress plugins often increase security by patching vulnerabilities. In return strengthens your website against attacks. Reducing the risk of your site being hacked or compromised. Performing regular updates provides the security in knowing that the functionality that the plug-ins provide will not break, or that a plug-in needs to be replaced completely.

Yoast Report

WordPress Yoast report gives you the status of your website pages SEO, how well the content is performing and if any changes are suggested to your content or images. This may also include Heading updates or keyword placement.

Keyword Performace

Understanding how your keywords are performing will assist in decision-making when it comes to updates and changes to your website content and performance. Your keyword performance will show you how many monthly searches your keywords are receiving allows you to make accurate changes/ updates to your website.

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics helps identify trends and patterns in how visitors engage with their websites. Google Analytics enables data collection, analysis, monitoring of your website and your Goals. Our Analytics report will provide you with insights on website users, Unique users, bounce rate, and goal completion.

Contact Form Report

Contact Form report will show you the exact number of entries made on your website form. These entries will be segmented into each inquiry request. We highly recommend segmenting your website contact form queries as this may guide your decision-making when it comes to Google Adwords or posting content on social media pages.

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